Since 2006, Gaiadomo implements its expertise as an environmental research agency. This naturalist know-how and our scientific competencies are the basis for our activity.

Environment preservation demands to take biodiversity factor into consideration through strategic orientations. This is why we propose a biodiversity audit & consulting service.

Gaiadomo carte voeux 2015 BD - WEB Azuré commun (Polyommatus icarus) Pêche électrique (Hérault) Gagée de Granatelli (Gagea granatelli) Pic épeiche (Dendrocopos major) - Opio Libellule Agrion de Mercure - Odonate
Best wishes
Azuré commun (Polyommatus icarus) (Français) Club Med, site d'Opio (06)
Electric fishing (Français) La Sorgue d'Entraigues
Gagée de Granatelli (Gagea granatelli)
Pic épeiche (Dendrocopos major) Club Med, site d'Opio (06)
Agrion de Mercure (Coenagrion mercuriale) Bourg-lès-Valence

Deeply convinced that environment and human being form a whole, Gaiadomo agency is willing to highlight the key link that gathers biodiversity and anthropic activity. Our wish: collaborating to shape the world by preserving the ecologic heritage necessary to every living species.